Ability to Search Date in a Period i.e. From and To

Hi @moe

It would be very helpful if the Search Component would allow for search by date within a period From and To, this is a very common request and use case

I have been trying different approaches i.e. Pipe or Equation Field without success.

The pipe works perfectly when testing it, but as soon as I add the pipe to my data source in the list component, the pipe fields retrieve blank value.

The equation field was set to show the date field I need to filter the data for, even though the search component gives the ability to pre-define the type of criteria i.e. is before, when I run the app, the search component does not show the pre-defined criteria.


Finally I tried the approach proposed by your support team by replicating the date field in the table. Even though the result is satisfactory, the work around required to achieve this is not. Replicating data in the table does not seem to me a good solution.

I currently have many requests to build reports and allow the user to filter by date, but I have to use the list component as this component allows to show all records on on page only, however it does not include the ability to filter the data from the front end.

I would really appreciate if you could please look into this as a matter of priority.

Many Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion @sahiraz

We’re hoping to add more functionality like this to the search component in the future.