Add a Child Record Using a New Page With Grandparent Data

So being newer to tadabase this is probably much easier than I’m making it but here goes:

Top Table of Company
Child Table of Contacts which is connected to Company (many contacts to one company).

Page one (work with companies) is a list of companies which has a link (type of Record Details Page) called “work with contacts” and when clicked takes you to page two.

Page two (work with contacts) is the generated page with company data on top but also a table of Contacts with a Edit link.
This page also has a Link Button on top of the table to open a third page to add a contact.

Page three (add contact) should display the selected company at top and contact info to be added. This value is needed to save the contact otherwise I force the user to remember and pick the company they started with. (not good design)

Question: How do I get the selected company from page one to the third page. I know you tube videos show embedding a add record form in page two but that just isn’t good for mobile and I know there must be a way to pass the selected record to accomplish this but I’m just missing how.

Thanks everyone for any assistance.

Hi Don :wave: Welcome to our Community!

Hey Tim,

Thanks for the video it was very helpful. I do notice though the difference is I’m using the “List” component which seems to lack the “Allow New Record Popup Page” option. I’m using this component since it seems to lend itself better to the mobile look and feel. So am I missing something or is this true.

Also I noticed other other thing I’m not sure how to overcome:

The add page does not seem to allow me to display the data from Company yet the edit does. The add page does save the company for the contact properly but its not available anywhere else.