Add a form to a layout page so that is shows on ever page

Is there a way to add a form to the layout page? Every time I try it just disappears. Just wondering if it’s my app or if this is happening for everyone?

I’m not sure why data components are showing up in the layouts, must be a bug with an update we did. Data components are not able to be added to layouts.

I’m assuming you want a regular form (not login form, which is possible indeed). Just curious what the use case is, maybe we can find some solution for this.

Hey @moe, I’m making a separate section to my app that is basically a Standard Operating Manual for my company and the idea was that I was going to add a form to add topics at the bottom of each page and then restrict the row to administrators only. It’s not critical as there are only going to be 7 or eight pages but if things get added to the table I will need to update 8 forms instead of one.