Adding a new record - Save and add new

When adding a record via the ‘Add New’ popup is it possible on ‘Save’ to enable the form to receive another new record without having to click the Add Record button again.

Hi, it’s quite easy, using the page builder, when editing the add a new record form, go to the rules tab, record rules option. You can add a new record rule, insert a new record, and set other conditions.

Hey @Aprada thanks for this. Am i right in thinking that this adds the record in the background? What i need is for the form to be ready to accept another entry by the user without having to close it and re-open by clicking Add New again.

Effectively, the Add record form to remain open until all records have been added by the user and the form fields to be cleared after every record is submitted.

Is this possible?

Mmmm there’s another option you could try, the same options in the form rules, but the submit rules tab. You could set the action to redirect to another page and select the same add form, so you will be in the same loop until closing without saving