Adding (child) note records

I cannot remember how to do this and it seems to me it ought to be easy.

My database is very simple. Two tables: Tasks and Notes. There’s a Tasks table page with a link to editing the task record and also a detail view. On the detail view of the task, I’ve placed a Tasks table (below the fields that pertain to the currently active task record). Note records are connected to Task records from the perspective of the Note which I understand is the right way to do this (connecting child to parent rather than vice versa).

While I’m looking at a particular Note record in detail view, I want to be able to view and create connected records in Notes. I have the Notes table on the Tasks detail page, and I’ve got an Add Note record. But the note that gets added in this fashion is not automatically connected to the current task. How do I connect it to the current task automatically?

I’m 99% sure I’ve done this before but it’s been a while and I cannot remember how to do it now. Help please!

Added later: I have looked at a number of the Tadabase demo apps and can’t find any examples of this. I’m surprised because this seems like a pretty basic thing — adding notes to a parent record. It’s one of the things I love, say, about Todoist. Also useful in any CRM app, where you find the client then note your contacts with the client. Here’s an example that I threw together in FileMaker. I don’t expect it to LOOK like this in Tadabase but this shows the general idea:

(Should work as of 4/3/2022. Not sure it will stay online forever.)

Okay I have figured out one way to do this. It’s not quite what I want but it’s working okay.

On the Edit Task form I added a component form for notes and when I was setting this up, I chose to create a form to add new records connected to this task:

So the edit-task form now has three parts:

  1. The top part where there are a few fields for editing the task (task description + various date fields)
  2. Middle part that is a table showing connected notes
  3. The bottom part that is a form for adding new notes

It works. But it’s got a couple of problems I wish I could solve.

It’s too long — and the parent record here has very few fields, where in future I might have a form for a table where there are LOTS of fields.

And I really wish I could have this add-note form be a separate window. But I cannot see a way to add a form to add a note connected to the task record I was looking at when I clicked the Add Note button.

Also I cannot figure out to load an existing note into this form (or any other form) for editing. I added an edit link to the Notes table on this Tasks form but it doesn’t seem to work (page not found). Configured the table for inline editing but that pops up a teeny little field content editor and some of these notes are paragraphs long.

I’m more than half way there now. Hoping somebody can suggest a way to get the rest of the way. Thanks.