Allow Date Fields to be used in Text Formulas

This would be a huge one for me personally. I would like to be able to use date fields in text formulas. Dates often provide the proper context and also act as a way to uniquely identify certain types of records, particularly for use in display fields.

I think it’s pretty straightforward. It would just have to convert date formats to mm-dd-yyyy and time to hh-mm-ss

Would be awesome if it also came with the ability to use ONLY the date or ONLY the time from a Date/Time field from within the text formula module.


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Our text formula fields run on the database level, meaning if we allow you to set a value from a date field it will be saved exactly how the field is saved in the database (For example: “2020-05-23”).

Are you looking to simply concatenate 2 fields into a text field?

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Yes, just trying to create unique display names. I think that would work fine. That formatting looks fine for the purposes of conctenating.