Are Tadabase <> DocuSign integration

There is a great webinar “build it with Tim” that showcase how to integrate multiple e-signatures on a page (client + service provider). That is very well done :heavy_check_mark:

My question is about the validity of this kind of signature in the context of official titles. There is a regulation in Europe called eIDAS. This is a very lengthy regulation, and mayb outside the scope of Tadabase’s reasonable feature set (in the event Tadabase is eIDAS compliant, that would be great to know!!).

Given that DocuSign is eIDAS compliant and that (I assume) Tadabase isn’t, it would be great to have a way to send documents / fields from Tadabase to DocuSign.

The use case would be having multiple users (variable number of users) sign a DocuSign enveloppe. There would be one signature page per user at the end of the enveloppe.

Right now, I can see how to create the unsigned PDF in Tadabase (with a “List” component).

But I don’t know how to connect the dots to get the integration with DocuSign.

There is apparently another tool that proposes this integration (QQJr5m3E2OPZ#. This is starting to be a bit too much in terms of technology stack.

Would it be possible to show a tutorial to connect directly Tadabase to DocuSign?

Thank you :pray: