Automatic refresh of calculated field

It would be great to force the refresh of a calculated field (e.g. {Count Tasks}) in an HTML component when an event happens (e.g. new task created with a form). Right now, this is only refreshed when there is a page reload. If the page is heavy, with lots of data, that’s not a great experience. Since the field is calculated based on the count of records, it would be great to recalculate and update the displayed value when a new record is created.

Right now this behavior is only available in the Table component (showing the total number of records). This would be great to extend this behavior to the calculated fields.

Ivan, we’ll look into this but very possibly might not be an option inside of HTML components. HTML components are not managed like other components such as cards, tables etc. and therefore would make it hard to dynamically update when a value being used inside the component has been updated.

I’ll put some thoughts into this and see if we can find a ‘hack’ to get this to work.

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