Aws S3 secure files?

I am looking how can integrate with aws and have secured files. I do not want the link of the s3 file to be opened outside tadabase. I will store design files of customers which I want to be showed in tadabase only and want the link not be accessible outside tadabase. The design files would be of customer order so it would need to be secured

Hey @neekunj, :wave: you can set a File or Attachments field to secure when creating the field. Once the field is created, you can’t change it to a secured File/Attachments field.

For more information, please see the following document File and Image Fields | Tadabase

I want to use custom s3 bucket. I am hosting my one and have connected to tadabase using the grantee value. But can it be secured? I know tadabase does not support secure files through custom s3 buckets but has anyone tried to achieve some level of secure access
cc @moe @tim.young

Hey @neekunj,

At this time, secured files will only work when selecting Tadabase Storage.

I’m showing files in a frame on a page by adding an Equation field with the following:


I didn’t understand this @mdykstra

This is a way to view a file in a frame inside your app, instead of it opening in a new window.
You just need to save the file link in a text field using a rule when you save the file or table rule, then add an equation field to your table and use the script for the equation. You’ll need to replace {YourDocumentPath} with the field name you store the url in.

won’t it be possible that url is exposed if I inspect a page like in chrome