Build it with Tim - How do I build a booking calendar? (Ep. 1)

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This weeks Build it with Tim is from a user suggestion - thanks Joshua!

In this episode, we’ll learn how to:

Got a suggestion or wondering how to build something? Make sure to let me know here :point_down:


Hi Tim, just a thought - the bookings application should have visual navigation whereby the free slots are shown in a calender. The user can click on the free slot and submit a booking. Meeting room bookings are sometimes shared resource between more than one firm which resides in the same shared building. Often the meeting room and coffee/sandwich services are provided by another company which manages the shared facilities for this reason the meeting room booking may not be part of the company’s sharepoint feature and is often provided by the company which manages the facilities. This is a common setup in most city based offices. The key point here is room booking applications are high in demand and visual navigation is very important.

For ISO 9001:2015 QMS Audit Plan i usually build and publish the annual audit plan using Excel. Is it possible to get the tb calendar to look like this?

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