Build it with Tim - How do I build a payment system with Stripe? (Ep. 3)

Hey everyone :wave:

This weeks Build it with Tim is from a user suggestion - thanks Julia!

In this episode, we’ll learn how to:

  • use the Stripe Payments to allow users to purchase something in our application
  • use Record Rules to automate the updating of record values
  • use Complex Formulas to summarize a numerical value from connected records

Got a suggestion or wondering how to build something? Make sure to let me know here :point_down:

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Thanks @tim.young
It looks so easy when you do that.

There is one thing annoying for me and from a user experience view it could be better. Do we really need this pop-up to make a new order and create it by pushing “Save”. It might be good if we had an extra submit rule like “only process record rules and redirect to the next page”, so we don’t even get a popup at all, but directly go to the order details page.

Is there no way around having this popup?

An alternative would be to have a html field with question here: “do you really want to create a new order” with a “yes I do” save button, so it looks like a safety question you get for deletion…