Build it with Tim - How do I build a time tracking module? (Ep. 2)

Hey everyone :wave:

This weeks Build it with Tim is from a user suggestion - thanks Jessica!

In this episode, we’ll learn how to:

Got a suggestion or wondering how to build something? Make sure to let me know here :point_down:

Hi @tim.young ,

I have seen your video about time tracking.
I have a follow-up on that, probably a bit more advanced.
UI-wise you get a different size button. Could you make a follow-up video on how to make the buttons appear in the same size/width?

Hey @Peter !

Are you referring to the width of the button?

From the video I made this image

Generally, it might be of interest, I don’t think it is just me, to also add some time to “making things look nice”. This above was my hint to that.

@Peter We can simply use the options within the action links themselves to change the button from inline to block