Build it with Tim - How do I control Page Security from the Live App? (Ep. 5)

Hey everyone :wave:

This weeks Build it with Tim is from a user suggestion - thanks Mickael!

In this episode, we’ll learn how to:

  • use Page Rules to display a message to Users when a page is inactive.
  • use Pipes to check the value of a field that represents a page status.
  • use Record IDs to learn about how Tadabase sets unique identifiers for each record stored.

Got a suggestion or wondering how to build something? Make sure to let me know here :point_down:

Just had a play with this. Would be great to be able to use a date field to kind of schedule when the page becomes inactive. i.e. so instead of using a select field of active/inactive as the condition, you can use a date field and then in the page rule pipe conditions be able to choose to make the page inactive after that date.

I was able to use the date field as the condition field, but didn’t have options to choose “if date is after”, “before”, “during” etc

Is there perhaps a work around for this by somehow having both a ‘date field’ and a ‘active/inactive select field’. Then somehow have some kind of rule that when the date field is reached then the select field switches to inactive which then triggers the pipe to make the page inactive?

What about using a date field as a condition in a scheduled task to deactivate the page on a given date?

Yeah I’m just playing around with that now.
So the scheduled task is…
If ‘closed’ date is before today - set active/inactive field to inactive. This then triggers the page rule that i’ve set up as per your tutorial.
Does this sound right? Or is there an easier way to deactivate a page based on date?

I guess it depends on your end goal. My initial thought was setting an “end date” field and using that in a task condition that says “when end date is today” — set status to inactive. Essentially the same thing you suggested. The task would run everyday checking that date field.