Build it with Tim - How do I loop through connected records with Make? (Ep. 7)

Hey everyone :wave:

This weeks Build it with Tim is from a commonly asked questions - thanks to all for this one!

In this episode, we’ll learn how to:

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Hi @tim.young @Chem ,

Is there a way within the tadabase that I can use the Import parent and child or duplicate parent and child and copy it to another table? Or that pipe is exclusive for single table only?

If there is a way. Can you show me how please? if it is not. Please also reply. Thank you.

Hey @edison, I believe there’s a pipe in the works called “Tadabase Record Copier.” It will allow you to choose an origin and destination to copy a record from one table to another. @Sara would know best where it’s holding.


Thank you @Chem you’re the best. I will wait for @Sara to reply.