Build it with Tim - Multi-Tenanted Family Planner (Ep. 33)

In this episode of Build it with Tim, we’ll learn how to build a multi-tenanted Family Planer app using Connection Fields and Data Source Filtering.

Thanks Tim,
Watching this made me realize I have to refactor my app.

  1. Multi-tenancy, which I actually had already, but did not realize it. So I will have to redo a lot of connections, but it will totally simplify my app (which is working with more than 1 company entities)
  2. I was always afraid or reluctant to touch or make connections to the user table. It sort of felt like you can break the application. I have seen that I made less connections to user table then what was possible or wise. So will redo that.

As you will do more than 1 video, could you maybe also show multiple timezones for the planning. I guess also in your part of the world you have family members on colleges/universities in different timezones.


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