Bulk operation for "action link"

is there any way that I can execute the “Action link” button in datatables for multiple records ( like 10 records at the same time) ?

No, It is currently not possible for “Action Link” may be they are working on good luck.

There is no option for this currently, you would have to use an external service like Zapier or Integromat.

You may have already tried this but thought id mention - Try ‘Task’ under ‘Automation’ then add task ‘component’ button to form to trigger ‘Task’.

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@moe @Chem

I would like to resurrect this. I would like to see if there is any way to have multiple records edited but only have one action link to trigger this instead of clicking on each one.

Currently, you can set up an action link to updated connected records which could in theory modify multiple records with one button, but it cannot modify records in the same table.

Tasks have limitations and are not suitable to run multiple action rules. This is why tasks will never be a suitable alternative to action links.

We need a way to trigger multiple action links by having a button that would trigger all action links in a data table that meet a condition.

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In a multi-tentant app, which I have built, tasks wont work because you can’t have different clients sharing one task. Tasks also don’t allow multiple action rules. I really think Tadabase needs to keep in mind multi-tenancy and how many Tadabase customers want to utilize Tadbase as a multi-tentant app. I have managed to achieve this, but there are some limitations like bulk updating.

I need a way to updated multiple records and was wondering if this is possible using a form?