Calendar - load an iCS calendar file

You have incorporated the Calendar API, and its really useful for displaying date based data that is in the database. But it could be stretched to new heights with a few changes.

  1. ICS integration
    I find that I am using MAKE or Zapier repeatedly to take date based records from an outlook calender and load into a Tadabase table so that, from there I can access the data in the Calendar component. I am doing this knowing that the same feed of date based data is available as an ICS calender feed. It would be great additional feature if I could simply add an ICS feed address to the calender component rather than having to replicate the data into a table (and track changes, updates etc) just to have it display as a calander in my App as usual.

  2. Multiple Merged Data Feeds
    As it stands a Calendar in Tadabase shows a single set of data. But that’s not how business works, there are multiple streams of date based data - imagine people availability, deliveries, project close dates, etc, etc.
    I am currently having to force feed each of these separate data streams into an extra table, just so that I can show them in a single calendar view … whereas what what I really want is to merge the separate streams of date based data (from multiple sources) into a single view.
    Just look at Google Calender and see how it has multiple streams of data based data (calenders) that can be toggled on an off. I’d love to be able to this with my data based data without having to force it into a single table.