Centered Row Container

I see some great css code here for really neat tweaks.

I am looking for a way to set a row to a back ground of a row and make the row container fluid. The issue is the columns get pulled all the way to either side and looks terrible.

I want it to look nice but not adding many fake empty columns. Any ideas? I tried the css option of adding left margin to the column but that looks bad on smaller screens.

I will upload some screenshots soon to demonstrate.

@Lawrence we use Bootstrap and technically anything available in Bootstrap can be easily added to your theme.

In Bootstrap there is a ‘offset’ class you can add.

for example:
Suppose my page looks like this:

And I have the Row set to be fluid:

(added a background for demonstration purposes)

If I want it to be centered, I’d simply make the column smaller:

Then edit the column:

And set the number of column offsets you wish:

Now it will look like this:

I know you’re about to upload screenshots, but I’m fairly confident this is what you had in mind.

Let me know if you have any other questions.