Changing labels in Login Form

tadabase is a great product. I need to make changes in language of login form. Any way to do this? Right now its stuck with Email Address Password. I want translate it to spanish.

Jose, we appreciate that we have users all over the world.

We will prioritize this and ensure that you can customize the labels of signup and login forms. Please keep an eye on our updates page and expect to see this within a week or two.

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This can be good for my company too.

This is a great suggestion, and might be extended all over the app, for example, “export”, “add filter” and other buttons in the app.

We’ve recently made the decision to add a language file which will give you ability to modify text throughout the entire app. This will cause this feature to be delayed, but will ultimately add much needed language customization.

We hope to do a partial roll out of this within the next 1-2 months.

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Hey Jose, @jose-s

For the time being, I wanted to post a temporary solution for you and anyone else looking to change the language of the login component.

I’ve added a bit of JavaScript code to make it look like this.

To do this, you’ll need to add the following to the JavaScript section of your login page.

var emailLabel = 'Correo electrónico';
var passwordLabel = 'Contraseña';
var submitButtonText = 'Enviar';
var forgotPasswordText = '¿Se te olvidó tu contraseña?';
var sendVerificationCodeText = "Envíe el código de verificación";
var backText = "atrás";
$(function() {
    var updateMainFields = function(){
        $('.form-group:nth-child(2) > .col-sm-2').html(emailLabel);
        $('.form-group:nth-child(3) > .col-sm-2').html(passwordLabel);
        $('[ng-model="item.password"]').attr('placeholder', passwordLabel);
        $('[data-unique-id="page_1_4"].btn').html("<i class='fal fa-sign-in-alt'></i> " + submitButtonText);  
    var setOnClickEvent = function(){
            $('[ng-click="forgotPass()"]').html('<i class="fal fa-shield-check"></i> ' + sendVerificationCodeText);