Check for Duplicate Records?

I created a TASK table that gets NEW RECORDS INSERTED from another connected table however each time the connected table page is edited - it runs the RECORD RULE and inserts duplicate records in the tasks table.

Is there a way to check for duplicate records before the RECORD RULE inserts the same record every time?

Also - once the task is completed how can it automatically be deleted based on the change in status?

This is a recurring problem for me that I’ve never been able to solve internally. In my case, I’m trying to prevent duplicate records in a join table of events and users.

I’ve had success by sending data to an external source, like google sheets, to be able to detect duplicate text strings in rows. There was a basic google script I used in conjunction with that particular google sheet. Fed the data back into Tadabase to flag a record as duplicate. I realize we’re on two different pages here. Checking for duplicates before records are created vs checking for duplicates after records are created but still wanted to put it out there.

In the end it still required some manual clearing/changing of the duplicate record but whatever.