Checkbox Formatting

I have a multi-select option. I’m not too keen on the multi-select field that appears in the form.

The control+click method of selecting multiple options is still unfamiliar to some users and the small scroll box presented makes a long list of options cumbersome to navigate.

I switched to checkboxes, however these are displaying “inline”, across the column width:

Is there a way to format these to stack individually and vertically with left-align? Did I miss something in the design options?

This feels like it might be a CSS question, but I have not yet dipped my toes into those waters. I see “tb-checkbox-inline” when I inspect, but haven’t a clue how, where or what change to make.

Hi @safetyinmind

This might be useful

I’ve done some other css for checkboxes, I’ll look for it if this doesn’t help.

Thanks @tim.young,

This didn’t change anything for me - I suspect it may have something to do with the “inline” format aspect, rather than the columns. My list appears in one column - which is what I want - but still spread across the column end-to-end. Breaking it into more columns may not be the fix for this?

Neil Campbell