Chem’s Code Gems - Displaying a Loading GIF during Form Submission (Ep. 4)

In this episode of Chem’s Code Gems, I’ll showcase how to incorporate a loading GIF for a better user experience during form submissions in Tadabase.

If you’re working with forms that use pipes, you might encounter longer processing times. We’ll walk through the process of displaying a custom “Creating record, please wait” message, accompanied by a loading GIF, to provide your users with a seamless and engaging experience while they patiently await the completion of the form submission.


Special thanks to @SuiteUpstairs for the question :smiley:

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So, this feature is great, but when you use a form which enables multiple pipes, does the loading gif keep running untill all the pipe runs are completed? because the data is submitted (and therefore triggering the pipe), after the 5 seconds in the video…

In other words, is this feature working the same as Show loading GIF while Action Links run - Community Discussions / Tips and Tricks - Tadabase Community or not?? I’ve watched the video several times, but that critical part is not clear to me yet;)

@slimpens, the loading will continue until the submit rule runs, which means it will wait until all record rules finish. So yes, if multiple pipes are running on your form, the loading GIF will be shown until they are all completed.

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