Chem's Code Gems - Auto Signin a User with URL Parameters (Ep. 1)

Hey all! I’m introducing a new spin-off series of Build it with Tim. @tim.young :smiley: A video series dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your Tadabase apps with low-code (and I guess sometimes med-high-code) solutions.

In this episode of Chem’s Code Gems, we learn how to streamline the user experience and auto-sign in a user using the Login Component, URL parameters, and a bit of JavaScript.

In this tutorial, I will guide you step-by-step through creating and implementing auto-sign-in functionality using URL parameters within your Tadabase app. Doing so will enable your users to log in with a single click from a URL in, for example, an email.


Is there any way to send the password in encrypted form at least?

What will be even better will be to send in both username and password as a hashed string to log in.


That’s great @Chem thank you. Perhaps in a update post you could also consider if it’s possible to :

a) Force it to take the user to a change password page (can you have more than 1 login page?)
b) Expire the link after it’s been clicked once or after x hours?

Thanks though I needed this first part for my next app release :wink:

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Something like magic links would be super helpful. Generated via action and sent to a user’s email and allow authenticated access directly to a record detail page.

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Hi @Chem , for a case building up on this possibility: I am looking for a redirect solution after login.

We have physical assets in our company I want to track. On those assets, we will have a QR-code (a build it with Tim episode explains that).
My idea is that in this code we generate a hyperlink to the detail page of this asset - that would be great for auditors, so they walk by and see the status of those assets on their phone.

Suppose you have a login according to your example here, then you have the redirect rule based on the role of the logged-in user. This could redirect to a table with assets, but not to the detail page because for that, you would need a role and therefore also a user for each asset.

So is there a possibility where you create a hyperlink with parameters which goes directly to a detail page, but on the fly logs in as well? This so I don’t have to make this page available without any safeties, for anyone?

I think what I am asking here, can you bypass the login-component to directly go to a secured page which is normally behind the login-component.

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I too have a need for this. I cannot pass login credentials unencrypted in plain text. I’d prefer to never have the user know the login information since I’m having them login elsewhere and put Tadabase in an iFrame. Is there a way to not pass this in plain text?