Collaboration with team/shared builder

I really need ability to collaborate with other members of my team in the development process of my app. I now share the login details with them which gives them too much access.

Is this on the road map?

David, I think we were chatting about this yesterday as well.

I’ll answer it here for the sake of the community. We recently prioritized this on our roadmap and are already in the process of working on a shared builder and easy way to collaborate with your team.

Look out in the next 2 weeks for this on our announcement page as well as updates. Features will include:

  • Granular control over what your team can see and do
  • Lock pages being worked on by someone else to avoid over writing data
  • See log of changes
    and more.

I’m excited to let you know we’re now officially in testing mode of our Shared Builder.

To see details of how this works, please read this article:

Still to come are:

  • See change logs
  • Even more granular control of allowed changes
  • Realtime syncing of updates