Combining TB with Jitsi as a Service

Hi @tim.young

Can you make a video where we can embed Jitsi as a Service (free video conferencing) within a TB app?

Jitsi as a Service – World's easiest way to add meetings to your apps

Regards, Martin

Hey @slimpens

Have you seen this video? I haven’t checked out Jitsi yet but I’m curious how similiar these 2 platforms are in regard to integrating with Tadabase.

How do I embed video c… | Tadabase


I checked this out, but the Jitsi Meet works with an API, instead of creating a list of rooms.
The Jitsi Meet is more customizable and better for branding (you can hardly see that it’s external software). But configuring the API and creating the pages to embed the rooms in is currently not working for me unfortunately