Coming from Quickbase

Hi I currently use Quickbase and I am interested in using Tadabase. Does anyone use it to build applications for resale? How do you like the platform. Any other users of Quickbase? How does it compare?

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Hi Andrea,

I used QuickBase for a while mostly exploring… it was over 10 years. I havnt revisted QuickBase(Qb) in recent years but my view of Qb “phenomenal” !! it was ahead of its time. I timed it, I was able to drop a ms excel pre-formated table in Qb then after few clicks i had a fully functioning database application and the link to the login page was sitting in my outlook inbox… all within 45 secs end to end. It was almost as if the developers of Qb just knew what you wanted and what you are likely to want for customisation which was also very intuitive in design and layout.

Very good for business applications which are statistical in nature. The navigation was visual and the drill-down was just amazing. I stopped when I got priced out. Tb is a very different product in many ways.