Configurable Number Field

Hi @moe

I would like to suggest that we have the ability to configure the number field to allow or not negative numbers


At the moment I am having to add a lot of validation rules to Is Greater than 0 becuase the system allows the end user to enter negative numbers, but for my application this does not make sense so we are having to enter unnecessary rules to stop the user from doing this.

I think that having the ability to configure Allow Negative Yes/No would be the preferred option



This makes a lot of sense, nice idea! Has me wondering why users are entering negative numbers if they’re irrelevant to the application though :man_shrugging:

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It can happen accidentally, my mouse for example has the scrolling thing on it and every time I am positioned on the field and I accidentally scroll down, the numbers also go down :frowning:

plus, the end user always does crazy things. so we should always be prepared for it :slight_smile: the application needs to be “idiot proof” :slight_smile:

I’d support this option as well.

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