Connected page as popup

I tried different options so it does not look like this is available so I think this is a suggestion.

I have a popup edit page on one of my tables and I want to use the same edit page on another table to be consistent. Is there a way to make a connected page popup or can this be something that is added?


Thats a good idea… I think right now, you need to create a separate edit page if you want it to be a popup though.

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@CJeon Thanks for submitting your suggestion. @Jen is correct in that, currently, you will need to configure your pop-up edit forms through the Edit Link option within your components.

We will certainly keep this in mind for future developments. Community members, if you are interested in this functionality, please like this post. :slightly_smiling_face:

@CJeon I also see that you created a suggestion for pop-up details pages as well. If anyone within the community has found this post and is looking for more information on pop-up details pages, check out this post here.


Hi Guys, first of all i’d like to say really well done on making the details pages available for pop-out, this has really improved the usability of a lot of things we’ve worked on so big thank you.

But like always whenever you do a good job it means someone sees more potential and ends up giving you more work :slight_smile:

On that note, it would be super cool if linked pages were also given a pop-out makover, i think it’s especially good for these because then you don’t have to worry about breadcrumbs on a linked page pointing to a different layout than you are currently on.

Thanks Guys


This brings up a really good point about layouts. Thanks for the suggestion!


agreed … I really want this too


Really need this feature as well. Have 3 buttons in a table with popups and the connected page is the only one that throws things off. :pray:

I’d love to see this! It would save so much time!

This is sorely needed to limit the number of edit and detail pages that must be maintained

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