Connected values on Equation fields?

Still working on Knack migration. In my “Documents” table in Knack, the unique key (i.e. document name) is a concat from other fields, i.e. {Doc Type},{Year},{Sender}. However Sender is a connection field from another table (Senders). In Tada, when trying to assemble it via Equation field, it seems you can’t use connection fields (only {Doc Type} and {Year} show up). Is there any way to do it?

Text Formulas in this case are useless as they can’t be referred to in imports.

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I see that your question was never answered. I just posted a detailed explanation of the problem and a solution here:

Filtering on connected field values - Community Discussions / How Do I - Tadabase Community

It’s definitely not an ideal solution, but it does seem to work.

ADDED 1 DAY LATER (4/11/22): Sorry I just reread your original post more carefully and the problem you were dealing with is not identical to the problem my post addresses. But it is pretty similar and I suspect the two-field approach I described would work for you. The idea is simple:

Recapping the problem: As you saw, you can’t reference a connected value in an Equation field. So

  1. Create a Text Formula field to “capture” the connected field. Text Formula fields can reference connected fiels.
  2. Now create your Equation field and reference the Text Formula field created in the previous step.

I just tested it as I think you would be using it and it seems to work.