Continually losing work that simply does not save?!?!

Many times over now, different computers, cookies/TIFs cleared, everything I can think of… Made sure I’ve very recently logged in, to avoid time-out, etc.

Yet, I consistently have forms no saving changes, and other such problems. I just spent 30+ minutes, for the FOURTH consecutive time, setting up a series of form display rules and record rules, only to hit save and see that NOTHING saved. This is not the first such instance, and I’m months into a large project now. I am enormously frustrated that this continues to happen, and I cannot figure out why. Again, this has happened on both my home and office desktops (both Windows 10 Pro), and both of my Chromebooks. Is there something I need to check or change at my account level to stop this from happening? I quite enjoy the system, but have seemingly reached an impasse with a simple form. Randomly works occasionally, then right back to not saving anything…


I apologize for the frustration you’ve been dealing with. This is definitely not how things are supposed to work. Can you please reach out to us at so we can take a closer look?

I am also experiencing this too. Saves don’t always work and it will sometimes revert upon reload.

Tim, I am still experiencing the same thing as the poster above. Randomly not saving. I have to go back and reload the page and then make a change and hope it saves.

Did you ever get a resolution to this from Tadabase? Its affecting me too.

I have been experiencing this too.

@brettlewis @centellix

I’d love to get a better sense of the experience you’re referring to. Are you seeing exactly what @PTSIoT described or are you referring to pages not saving in a more general sense?

My issue happens when I am the page builder of Tadabase. I save, then I test and changes are not reflected on my app frontend. The changes show I changed on Tadabase builder backend, but when I refresh in builder, it reverts back as if I never made any changes. This happens randomly.

Thanks for that info @centellix !

I think this is actually unrelated to the original post here. Would you mind reaching out to us at or via support chat so we can follow up?

I was struggling when adding formatting rules in tables.
I couldn’t get the top one to save - I would add it, save the page and when I came back to the page the rule was not save.
I had to insert below an existing rule at the bottom and drag to the top.
If I encounter this when I work in the builder again, I’ll capture a video.