Control Display Size of Image LINK fields

It would be helpful if I could control the size that an Image URL field displays at when placing them inside of elements. The normal image field has the sizing options, but when using an Image URL field those are not available.

I’m wondering if maybe it’s because all the sizing is done via Tadabase’s Cloudinary Account? Maybe it could be possible to connect our own Cloudinary account or something?

I’m not sure, that’s way over my head, but I’d love to figure out a solution for it!

EDIT: I see you can do it in a table, but not in a details view or list view


In which component are you displaying this link field? If I understand correctly you have a link field that’s being formatted as an image, right?

That’s correct. I am using images in list components and view components where I am trying to control the photo size currently by controlling column width, because the “custom size” settings don’t show up there.

I am using a link field set to Format as Image, yes.

Thanks Moe!

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I second this. It would be REALLY helpful to be able to control the size which images are displayed on a Record Details Page.

Currently the images display so small, you can’t really even see what the image is:

On the “Table Component”, it would be great to have an option to display only 1 image as a cover, some records have too many images and completely ruins the UI.