Copy connected records

Hi all,

I am trying to make a button (in details page) which will duplicate all child records to another table. Has anyone attempted this? The support team did not have a solution for this. I have attached the ideal scenario.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @avralex,

Is this helpful at all to you?

Hi @tim.young,

Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately it does not help. The duplicate records need to be created in a different table.

Can you tell me if I got this right?

You click on a link and it will copy all the BOM items connected to a single BOM into the Material Requests table?

Our existing pipe solutions wouldn’t work since you’re not copying, you’re importing and need to map each field from BOM items to the proper field in the “Material Requets” table.

Assuming I am understanding this correctly. Why not have BOM Items connected to Material Requests and use that table? Again, I might not be understanding your requirements correctly.

My idea is to generate orders for the items in the BOM with a single click. Will this be possible?

Following - this kind of functionality would be useful to me too.

@avralex this appears to be similar to what I am doing for ordering in a restaurant. Consider BOM items to be Food Items. I have Orders with Order Details template created for suppliers (BOM & BOM Items) when you need to order from that specific supplier you simply select the Supplier then select the Order List attached to that supplier (BOM) click the button & you have your records populated. I use one table for Orders & have a property “Order List”. If the field is checked then this is a template list & is not included in any Orders calculations etc. Maybe I don’t understand fully your requirement, but I hope this helps.

Thanks @brad, it is not exactly what I am trying to achieve. Imagine that you have a menu item (Soup) and as details you have a recipe. When you receive an order for the soup you would need to get you items from the warehouse/order what`s unavailable. The orders need to be in a separate table. I hope this provides a better understanding of what I am trying to achive. Now I am doing this with action link on each record that I need to copy (could be more than 300 lines sometimes :frowning:). I imagine the easiest way will be to add a table rule which could insert connected records. Will this be possible in the future @moe ?