Create a single Dashboard Filter for multiple components - charts, cards and tables

I am creating a dashboard that allows us to have a view of transactions and stats for a number of customers.

I have created a dashboard with a group of components (charts and cards and table views) … but have had to separately set the customer filter in each of these components. And I would have to create multiple versions of this dashboard to display more customers.

What I would prefer is a method of using a single select field to choose the customer and for this filter to dynamically apply to each of the dashboard components?

Now, I know that this can be done with a custom component, but I don’t have that option on my account … is there another way ?

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Sounds like you can just use a search component for this. Add a search component, choose the options, and configure it to update all the other components when searching

Thanks Glen
Good call, I hadn’t tried that. But unless I am missing something I can only get search to update Cards and Charts (but thats a bit flaky).
Is there a way to pass search to data table componenst too ?