Create Multiple Choice

Hi Community,

Is anyone here already tried to make a multiple choice? Where I can choose what is the answer and count it as one point?

Thank you in advance.

A while back we had an option for score values where you can assign a numeric value to each mutliple choice option and then use it in formulas. It caused many complex issues so we’ve removed it.

Going forward you can use a connecting table and then a rollup field. Would that work for you or are you partial to using a radio field?

For radio field you’d then need to create some other method like additional number field for each radio field with a rule to set the number field based on the choice selected. If you want to do so with code you can also write some JS code using the JS pipe to calculate radio fields together.

Hi Moe,

Can you walkthrough me to your suggestion please!

Thank you :slight_smile:

@edison here’s a quick video showing how to assign scores for multiple choice questions.


Thank you @Sara, Cheers! :):slight_smile: