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Hi community, I am using Google sheets to store line item data from invoices. An invoice can have from 1 to 50 rows of line items.I would like to store the line items in a Tadabase table rather than a Google sheet. However there doesn’t seem to be a way of writing multiple records to a table in a single API call. I would need to make multiple calls to write the data. Does anyone know of a way to write multiple records to a table via an API call? I am using Integromat with a document parsing solution to extract the data. I can write all the invoice data in 1 API call to Google sheets. Using multiple calls per line item will chew through operations in Integromat. Cheers

I thinks that is possible, but I dont know if this is good idea.
For example the invoice table has the field items and you can the data as json.
number: 1
kind_invoice : sales invoice
customer: Joe
seller: Elon
items: {potatos, eggs, beans}
price: {2, 1.75, 3}

number: 2
kind_invoice : sales invoice
customer: Michael
seller: Elon
items: {apple, meat, eggs, potatos}
price: {2.95, 3.99, 2, 1.75}

I use Tadabase and Integromat to store data just like this, from my sales on VEND (both click-and-mortar).
I do it a row/item at a time.
If there is another way to do this to reduce operations, I’d be keen to see how that’s done.

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