Create static values in one table from another table without having to connect them

Hey all,

So here’s my scenario. I have a table with a list of Standard Jobs and the time it takes to complete that job - Description, Hrs

I have another table Job List Items, that connects to Work Orders table. This job list items table preferably needs to have Static Values of these job descriptions and labor hours because the global table of jobs and hours will change from time to time. If I connect job list items to the global services table, it will be inconsistent when changes are made to that global table.

Is there a way where I can create essentially a “Global Standard Jobs and Hours table” that is only used as a reference and selection so that every Job List Item gets those values “Stamped” in every time that new job list item is created.

This would also be very useful for parts inventory because part numbers get changed and updated in the master parts table and the list items need to stay static in order to show the initial values when this list item was made.

I hope this question makes sense :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi, our team was facing the same issue, but with a Task Template, Tasks & Projects tables. The idea was also to copy all the tasks from the template (and related fields) to the Tasks table every time someone created a Project. We used an outgoing webhook from TB to send the project data and used Microsoft Power Automate to build a flow that receives the info, connects to TB thru the API to get all the fields and records from the template, saves as a json and creates tasks in TB linking the project id with the fields in json as consecutive records.