Currency format in HTML component

I have a PDF that has a HTML component. the HTML componnent displays a rollup field that I need it to show as currency. The rollup field is already formated as currency in the table. when I print the pdf it show like 5999.5 i would like it to show as $5,999.50. any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @remedina18 -

The way you have it configured won’t work in the PDF pages. I would recommend creating a new equation field (in the table) and setting the exact formatting in the actual equation. Then bring the equation filed into the HTML component on your PDF.

Reasoning for this is that if you hard code the currency symbol, it will show no matter if there is or is not an amount saved in the record. Additionally, you are limited to how the number shows in the PDF (one decimal vs. two decimals).

The equation could be created where you take the number field and use CONCAT to create the $XXX.XX result.

Hope this helps,