Date Formula Display Rules

A Client submits a date for a report and we use a date formula that adds 365 days to get an expiration date which works great; however, the issue we have is applying DISPLAY RULES in a table or details page to the formula expiration to change the text red, add a warning icon, etc… Display Rules do not work on formula fields apparently. What is the best option to utilize display rules for the expires date? - Thanks

This is correct and not necessarily the intended behavior.

Starting next week we’ll have a pipe feature that can do many things including modify/add dates (like the date formula/equation fields). However, with the Pipe you’ll be able to add days and use the response value to save it directly back to a date field which will indeed work in Table Display Rules.

In addition to being able to add days you can do so much more complex functions not available in regular formulas:

Some examples:

  1. add Busisiness Days
  2. add Business Day
  3. sub Business Days
  4. Total Business Days
  5. get Business Days In Month
  6. get Month Business Days
  7. check if date is holiday in given region
  8. Check if date is business day
  9. Set date to first date of the month (for example passing 7/15/2020 will return 7/1/2020)
  10. End of day
  11. Start of week
  12. End of week
  13. Start of month
  14. End of month
  15. start of quarter
    and many more etc…

This doesn’t directly answer your question about doing display rules, but next week we’ll have a more robust workaround solution.