Delete all records in a table via API


Would be nice to add an API call which would delete all records within a given table. The idea is to operate the same way as the manual batch delete button within the builder. Would that be possible?


Did you try the Tadabase REST API pipe? It has an option to delete records.

Hello Sam,

I need to delete all records at one go, not select a record and then delete it. I am deleting 2000+ records every day from a single table and currently via API it takes 10+ minutes, with batch delete via the builder it takes 10 seconds.


Hi, did you find a solution to delete all recs please?

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to do it. I hope the guys from TB will think of something for the future.


Hey all! The only way to delete all records in a table via the Tadabase REST API is to first make a Get All Records request and then loop through and trigger the Delete API call for each record returned.

Here’s a quick video on how I would set this up using Pipes within Tadabase: