Delete record functionality in record tasks

It would be nice to see a delete function in record tasks. One problem I am running into is when a record is deleted and it is connected to other data that data becomes orphaned. If there was a delete function in tasks, you could have it run every month and delete records that have a blank connection field.

Another option would be to add a delete function to the action link in tables, that way instead of using the delete link you can call the action link “Delete” and run delete rules to delete connected records first and then delete the current record.


This would be very helpful. I’ve tried to do the same thing by using the Batch Delete function in the data viewer, however it does not seem to work when using the Connection field “is blank” option.



When Inserting connected fields and checking the box to remove existing, the records that have been “removed” are actually only updated with a blank connected field. I need the ability to setup a task to clean and remove these blank records from the table please. The Delete function in Tasks will be very helpful. Thanks


@sahiraz the “remove existing connections” only clears the connection fields from the existing outgoing connection. But we will look into this delete functionality further in a little while.


This is greatly needed asap as we are getting orphaned records. Thanks.

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Both suggestions, (delete via tasks & delete connected record/s via action button) will greatly increase productivity and save a whole lot of admin.

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+1 “delete via tasks & delete connected record/s via action button”

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This has been added to our to do list.


Also upvoting this, looking forward to it!

any update? Supporting this functionality.

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