Detect and redirect if user is logged out

We give users URL links from outside Tadabase to specific sections of our program. If users are not logged in, they get our standard error message, “You don’t have permission to access this page.” I could change that message to read, “You are either logged out or don’t have permission to access this page,” but I would prefer to redirect to the login menu if the user is logged out. Is there a way to detect that and redirect?

Hey @Henry. I create a login page for my apps and set it to the Home page of my app. That way can style it, etc. Then, using the security rules on each page, I add a rule to redirect to that page if the user is not logged in.

Hi Marc,

If you have users who are logged in but do not have permissions for a particular page, can you inform them that they don’t have permissions but are already logged in? I think it would be confusing if I sent users to the login screen because they didn’t have the proper role for a page.


Sure. Just add a page rule like this one: