Does Tadabase integrate with excel

Any chance I can take my excel spreadsheet and push it into a Tadabase table?

Hi Lawrence, there are many ways you can import data into tadabase table. I have listed below a few links for your reference.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @sahiraz, I was hoping there was a way to do so directly from excel, but the import templates seem close enough. I will test that and see how it works. Excel has ways of doing rest api but I don’t know enough about it and maybe someone in the community already built something for this.

Import templates are sufficient for now.

Hi Lawrence, no worries.

I actually have created an App that uploads data into the tadabase tables from and excel or any data source, however this app is not a generic app, so it would need to be updated with the specific data source template and destination tables.

I think that the built in import function will help you, but from my experience if you have too many columns in your Excel/Table and too many records, I would suggest that you do a multiple step process to upload this, simply because I find it hard to validate the data within the data builder.

Good luck!

Good day. We have a bunch of preadsheets we want to integrate into Tadabase app. We want to access source data in tadabase or allow the user to capture online.and then to process and save the answers into the Tadabase app.

I have seen that you can compile the Excel spreadsheet.

Have you done any of these things?

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Hi Smorfitt
My app will read a CSV file that has been uploaded into tadabase by the end user, the app will then upload the data from the CSV file into existing tadabase tables. Is this what you are after? How many different Excel templates do you require to upload?