Duplicate record data into popup form?

I have a bookings list of inspections. I currently have a ‘duplicate record’ action button which copies the info I need into a new record but this means:

-the user has to click duplicate, then edit the record and save, then manually edit the calendar

How can I create an action button via a table which copies the record details into a pop-up form so it can be edited before being saved?

Hi @Dani,

I hope I’m understanding correctly. You want to click an action link, duplicate parts of the record, and then show an edit form to the user to modify other fields of the duplicated record?

What about this…

Let’s say your record has 4 fields. Clicking an action link will insert a new record with 2 of the 4 fields set from record values. The last step of the action redirects to an edit form page where the user can complete the final 2 fields? I think you could then use submit rules on the edit form to redirect the user back to parent page.

Hi Tim,

Sort of but what you’re describing still saves before submitting. I don’t want to save the duplicated information until it’s been submitted. This is because I have a zapier rule set to add a new booking to the calendar upon creation. So editing before saving as a new record would be easier.

I currently have: action link > duplicates and saves as new record > manually click ‘edit’ to amend new record> save via edit form

I want: action link> copies to ‘new record’ form > edit open form > save data as new record

I hope I’m making sense.

Ah ok, I totally understand now.

Unfortunately we currently don’t have any feature like that.

I’m sure some other community members could come up with some additional workarounds. This sounds like a good idea for #suggestion-box although I’m not sure what’d you’d call it…”add new record pop up that uses record values to pre-fill fields”?

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