Duplicating/Copying Layout to a New Page

Hi guys, is there to copy the whole row layout I made not just the component from a new page. I only see the copy function on the component, not on the row. It would be a big help if we have that just like in other page builders.

Any thoughts?

Any idea on this @tim.young @moe @Chem

See the screenshots of what I want to solve.

There is no way to do that right now unfortunately. I will move this to #suggestion-box

Hey There,

If you are building a new page you can copy the whole page to a new one that copies all the rows but you can’t copy the page to the same page.

Copy Page

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Thanks @SuiteUpstairs!!!
It worked smoothly!!! You got it. :sunglasses:
This would be enough for now, at least I don’t need to do one component at a time.

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Ah sorry, I thought you wanted to copy a row to the same page. I’m going to leave this topic here anyways because I like the idea of adding a copy option to rows and columns as well as components.


You’re right @tim.young I do need that functionality to copy row inside the page not on another page, but also I didn’t know you can copy the whole page.

Yeah, let’s keep it in #suggestion-box hope soon we’ll have this update.

You can’t always be the one to give all the answers @tim.young :wink:

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:joy: I just wanted to make sure I understood!