Dynamic Updates

Can a drop down field change the content of another drop down field that is associated with the original drop down field?

For example, if I select “1” under “Associated Business ID” on this form, can “Assigned Company” auto-complete to the company associated with the “1” record?

And can it only show the data associated with the original drop down field?

Hard to know what your data structure looks like without seeing the table relationship diagram. There is tutorial by Moe which covers dependant dropdown lists.
a guess…If you want ‘Assigned Company’ to auto populate this means the relationship between this field and ‘Associated Business ID’ is 1to1, if true then just use ‘Assigned Company’ drop down and select name of company and the Business ID field should be a backend feature not required to be shown on the UI. Users wont remember ID numbers. ID numbers are never used in this way. Sorry if I jumped to wrong conclusion just basing it on what I see on your screenshot.

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This section of our docs regarding dependent dropdowns should be helpful - Form Component | Tadabase

We do actually use these this way. When a caller shows up on our phones it shows a number (like “1”) to identify the business that the customer called. Our team needs to select the “1” and have the business name immediately populate. Or select the business name and have the “1” immediately populate visibly in the form.

To clarify…I’ll give another example of what I am trying to do.

For example, if a customer account is selected, I need the Customer Address to populate the Booking Address AND be editable. So if a landlord calls looking for service at a tenant’s property I can have a billing address and booking address. But I want the billing address to automatically populate the Booking Address when the Customer is selected OR created.

So in this screen, the “+” to the right of the “Assigned Customer” would be to add a customer. The Customer Name automatically populates, but the associated data doesn’t populate like the address.

Hi Beau,
Tim sent you link to info for dependent dropdowns. Did you solve it?

No it did not.

The process is this:

Table containing bookings > Add A Booking Button > Add A Customer. Once the customer is added, the Add A Booking page shows the customer listed in the drop down but does not update the address with the one provided in the Add A Customer page.