Enhance Delete Confirm Message

I would like to enhance the DELETE confirm message - BOLD TEXT and make DELETE red to better standout - it appears HMTL cannot be used in the message field.

The confirm delete is standard alert() which doesn’t support this type of styling and therefore not possible.

There’s a popular library that adds cool functionality to this called SweetAlert (https://sweetalert2.github.io/#download), however, I don’t suppose its possible to add this from the builder to replace the standard alert.

This is neat idea but won’t end up on our roadmap for anytime in the very near future. Will keep this in the back burner for now.

Hi @moe!

I added a sweet alert on my form. It is showing the alert and the submission is successful.

My issue right now is I want to utilize the sweet alert’s success message but I don’t know how I can catch the response after the form submission.

This is what I want to catch to add to the condition on the sweet alert: