Filter and specific field search not finding a numeric value

I have this strange situation where a specific predefined search (via a connected search component with predefined operator of “is” with the value coming from a URL value) comes up blank

But a table based search does find the value…

Similarly, a table based filter, is not successful

But filtering between a range does find the value

Can anyone help me figure this out please?

Yet, different amounts seem to work?

I thought it may be a rounding issue, so I set the field to 3 decimals, but that’s not it.



Am I doing something stoopid, or is there a system funny?

I created a workaround with an equation converting the currency amount to a text value and searching on that, and it works, but I don’t think the extra step should be necessary.

Hey @brettlewis,

Didn’t mean to leave you hanging! I think this warrants a closer look.

Can you please submit a ticket or contact us via email/chat?

Will do @tim.young .

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I have chatted to Lee and there appears to be a bug around currency field searches - they are working on it.

In the meantime my workaround is similar to what they suggested.

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