Filter Records in a Custom Component by Page Record Value

Hi All (cc: @tim.young),

Does anyone know how to or the best approach for filtering records in a Custom Component by the current Page Record Value?

If you’re familiar with this feature in the a Pages Table, see attachment, I’m looking for that exact functionality but for custom components…

Any questions, thoughts or ideas would be gratefully received :slight_smile:


Did you find a way to overcome this problem?
We just ran into the same problem.
(cc: @tim.young)

Hey @doravrahami , in short “no” I didn’t get a solution but it made me review my connections as I realised that if I just put a standard data table with the same fields on the same page it worked as expected without any additional filters which made me realise I had a problem with a join and I actually didn’t require this after all. I doubt this help but I wanted to reply to your post. I hope you find a solution.

Thanks Graham!
Indeed, I need something else…
Maybe @tim.young will have a solution for us…