Filtering Table lookup to another table

I have a Table (Logbook), within that Table is a field (Location) which is connected to the Location Table. When I display the Logbook I can set the Data Source to only the Logged in User, which works great. But when I want to apply a Filter using the Location it gives every single Location in the Location Table.

What I want to do is restrict the Filter to only displaying the Locations that this User has created. How can I achieve this?

Image 1 is the Logbook Table, image 2 is the results of trying to apply the Location Filter, the current logged in User has only created 2 Locations yet sees all Locations entered by the 1,000 other Users.

Hi Keith, you might have solved it by now but if not then try this: in the users table add one more field ( multi-choice combo list) and call it ‘Location’. add user to locations(s) inside Users table records. Then on your on front end ‘Logbook Detailed List’ go to design mode then double click the table then go to filters under ‘Data Source’ add filter by ‘Location’ then click the little check box which will bring up other options. select fiter Location connected to Logged in User.