Form Email Notifications Issue

I have setup a form email notification where if a box is checked on the form it sends a email to a staff member. The problem is after the box is checked it sends an email and every subsequent time the record is edited and saved it sends the email again. Is there a way to trigger this so it only sends the email one time?

@frinksterj -

You can attempt to use Table Rules where the decision box is unchecked once created. The form should still send the first email and then stop once the table rule has been executed.

Upon Create or Edit > Set “Email Staff Member Field” to Custom Value > “No”


The method we use for all email notifications is to create a Date/Time field that is updated when the form is submitted. Then in your email notification rule set a condition to check the Date/Time field to ensure that it matches the necessary criteria to send out the message.

If criteria matches → Send Employee Email
If criteria fails → Do Nothing

We have found the the major benefit of this Date/Time field allows us to see when the email was actually sent out and also gives us the ability to verify that the system is working as expected.

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